Wise Up Co., Ltd. provides a service to broadcast and record lectures, conferences, 

and various events held every day around the world using VR or AR technologies.

Ultimately, we aim to innovative online presentation services that transcend the constraints 

of time and space by using virtual spaces and AI that utilize various VR AR technologies. 

In the short term, we aim to provide informative video recording services that provide equal opportunities in education.

Our service provides an environment where people can meet and interact with each other online through 

VR/AR/AI technologies, so that enhancing participants' immersion and accessibility through various media.

Company Information

Found : September 2017

Headquarter : Room 401-3 Daewoo Building, Saemunan-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Key services : Online presentation Studio Rental / Travel Services

Core Values

More Effective

A single virtual studio space including a presenter, materials and remote audiences, changing virtual scenes with different sizes of each part dynamically according to the context.

Beyond the limit

WISEUP reduces spatial constraints by bringing physical conference / lecture rooms to Virtual spaces with our AR/VR technologies.


Covid-19 has switched all off-line events to online. We enable people to meet and communicate in Virtual environments.

The Mission

We are together 

no matter the distance

WISEUP wish to increase the effectiveness of online / offline presentations through VR AR AI technologies.

Especially today when online activities are becoming "New-Normal", we try to upgrade the quality of online presentations and deliver immersive presentations to remote audiences as if they are together.

The Vision

The world where 

everyone can meet and share good ideas

without any limit of time and space.

VR Online presentations, the core of WISEUP, have been made for the people who have difficulties 

in contact meetings due to various environmental conditions.

So our goal is to make presentations more absorbing using VR/AR/AI techniques for deliver more accurate information.