“The Joy of Learning, the Beginning of Growth”

WiseUp, we pursue a world where everyone can share ideas above time and space restrictions.
We aim to ‘share knowledge’ in mixed reality that connects reality and virtual reality.
WiseUp provides a variety of services to deliver information “Wiser” as a supporter between the presenter and the audience.

Company Information

Found : September 2017

Headquarter : Room 401-3, Daewoo Building, Saemunan-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 03173, Republic of Korea 

Key services : Online / Offline video contents creating (Studio Rental / Travel Services)

Core Values

More Effectively

Composes the presenter, presentation materials and on/offline participants together in one virtual studio space, and creates a dynamic screen composition that responsively changes the parts to be emphasized according to the content of the presentation.

Beyond the limit

Brings physical meeting rooms / classes to a virtual space using AR/VR technologies and reduces space constraints.


In an rapid changing world, offers virtual space where people in distance can communicate together. 





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